Monday, 6 December 2010

Klein Scarf

Here's another geeky one.This pattern is made up algorithmically, it's a repeating pattern of 4 stitches x 4 stitches with knits and purls randomly assigned. I really like the way the pattern turned out, makes a good manly scarf. If you like it please check out my random tea cosy design too!

Yarn 3 balls (=372 m = 150 g) Rowan Pure Wool dk.

Needles One pair 4.5 mm/ US 7 needles.

Gauge 22st = 10cm in stocking stitch with 4mm/US 6 needles

Dimensions 5'' x 80''

k = knit
p = purl
CO = cast on


Random Pattern
Row 1: *p2 k2* to end of row
Row 2: p1 * k1 p3* until last 3 stitches, k1 p2
Row 3: k1 *p2 k2* to last 3 stitches, p2 k1
Row 4:*k1 p1* to end of row

CO 32 stitches. Work in pattern until scarf measures 80'' or desired length, bind off.


  1. I tried the "random stich" part of this pattern for an infinity and love it. I used (2)Patons Shetland Chunky tweed yarn, number 9 needles, and cast on 96 stitches. (You might want to make it a little larger?) The tweed looks great with the pattern. I admit I only looked at the pattern because my maiden name is Klein, but it was a great find!

  2. Wow, that sounds really nice. Are you on ravelry? I'd love to see some photos!

  3. I'm not, but when I get some time and a camera, I'll give it a try. Thanks again for the idea/algorithm.

  4. I did put my infinity on Ravelry today. I am bmwalker, and called the project Klein Infinity. It looks like taking good pics is a learned skill, but you will get the general idea.

  5. Cool, it's really nice! Might have to make one of these for myself.... Hehe, yep, taking good pictures of knitting is really hard!

  6. Hi , may I know how do I bind off this pattern ?
    Am a super newbie here! Did a scarf before but was w the help of the teacher
    Thank you so much !

    1. Hi, I think the best think to do is to search for videos on youtube showing you how to bind off. I could write down instructions but they'd be much harder to follow! I would just search for something like "how to bind off, knitting" in youtube. Hope that helps, if you can't find anything on youtube please do get back to me!

    2. Hi there, thank you . I hv just completed the scarf, but I'm facingna problem here
      Can I know how do I weave in the dangling yarn formed from joining a new ball of yarn ?
      Appreciate your soonest reply .
      Thank you so much

    3. Hi again Melissa!
      You knot the two ends together, thread each end onto a darning needle, and just weave it in and out of the knitting down the edge of the scarf, trying to make it as well hidden as possible. You can trim off any little ends at that stage.