Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer Hols & Handyed Yarn

That's me just back from my Summer Holidays, camping in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Climbed some hills (see above), ate good food, spun some yarn and generally had a good time. And while I was away, some hand dyed gems were drying out in the flat...

Just up in my Etsy shop, is this beautiful skein of handdyed, handspun Dorset horn yarn. 

This is a gorgeous bright, bright blue skein of Dorset Horn yarn, handspun and handdyed by me! Dorset Horn wool is pretty similar to merino, definitely "next to skin soft", and it's from a rare breed bit so you'll be doing your part to help preserve this endangered sheep. It's dyed a beautiful shade of blue using professional quality acid dyes, varying from an almost creamy sky blue through to deepest indigo. As you can perhaps see from the pictures, it's a wee bit thick and thin, a little fluffy and somewhere between a heavy worsted and chunky weight. Delicious. 

This skein weighs around 75g and is just over 100m in length. It'd knit up beautifully on 6mm/US10 needles, and is enough for a hat or pair of mittens.

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