Monday, 25 July 2011

Speedwell Scarf

Naming patterns is hard. I really struggle to think of a name that "suits" the pattern. I've picked up a habit lately of naming things after places that I associate with the pattern, but I worry that these names won't resonate with many people. So, I'm moving on to wildflowers (mainly because I picked up a secondhand collins-gem guide recently...) 

And here's the latest scarf pattern. It's a lovely bright blue, so, I look at the index for blue flowers and find sheep's scabious, viper's bugloss and speedwell. I think it's got to be speedwell: this pattern isn't really edgy enough to be called "viper's bugloss scarf"....

Yarn : Regia Hand-Dye Effect, 1 ball (=420m)

Needles :  4.5mm/US 7 needles

Gauge:  20sts and 28 rows in stocking stitch
Size: 6" x 52"

Extras: Four buttons.

k = knit
p = purl
sl = slip purlwise
wyf = with yarn held forward
wyb = with yarn held back
CO = cast on
RS = right-side
WS = wrong-side


Garter Slip Stitch Pattern:
Row 1(RS): knit
Row 2: knit
Row 3: k1 *sl1 wyb, k1* to end of row
Row 4: k1 *sl1 wyf, k1* to end of row
Row 5: knit
Row 6: knit
Row 7: k2 *sl1 wyb, k1* to last stitch, k1
Row 8: k2 *sl1 wyf, k1* to last stitch, k1

To make scarf: CO 45 stitches. Work in Garter slip stitch pattern until scarf measures around 50", ending on row 8 of the pattern (a wrong-side row). Now work in garter stitch (i.e. knit every row) for 10 rows, again ending on a WS row. Work buttonholes as follows:

Buttonhole Row: k3 k2tog yo k10 k2tog yo k11 yo ssk k10 yo ssk k3.

Now work 8 more rows of garter stitch, ending on a RS row. BO all stitches on WS. 

Sew four buttons on the RS of the scarf, equally spaced about 1" up from the CO edge. Weave in any loose ends and you're done!

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