Monday, 2 May 2016

St Andrews Visit

Just spent a lovely weekend in St Andrews for my Mum's 60th (Happy Birthday, Mum!)

Lots of scenic forest walks, good food and of course a bit of knitting!

Scotland forest walk

Here's a few pictures from Kemback wood and Dunino Den. Both absolutely carpeted with bluebells and anemones, something a bit magical about the woods in Scotland at this time of year. Lots of wild garlic about too, had a delicious late dinner of wild garlic hummus and homemade pitta bread after the drive back to Glasgow last night.

And we stumbled on Scotland's best kept secret...

cute sheep pic, funny sheep pic

Clearly the Sheep Olympics training grounds!

The secret's out!

And of course, my Mum's birthday present was handknitted. Here's a few pictures of what will be the Castle Sands Shawl (hope to have the pattern released in the next month or so)

beautiful lace knitting

And if you can't wait that long, I should hopefully be releasing the pattern for Loch Katrine Shawl on Wednesday!

lace shawl knitting pattern

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