Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Top Ten Summer Knitting Patterns

Top ten summer knitting patterns

Thought I'd write a wee top ten post this week. My "real" job is being a Maths teacher, and with one week to go until my 7 week summer holidays, I'm on the search for fun, lightweight knitting projects to keep me busy. Thought I'd collect a few gems for anyone in a similar situation!

Maybe Baby by Webster Street Knittery

Maybe, Baby knitting pattern

Summer in Scotland is a slightly chilly affair, so I love shawls and wraps to throw over my shoulders when I'm sitting outside in the evenings and this one looks just perfect. Such a pretty textured stitch pattern and lots of interest in the edging - sublime!

Wool Knot Tee knitting pattern

I always say I love a classic pattern with a twist, which this pattern takes very literally! Such a cool top - I love the different coloured striping, its flattering drape, and of course the knot detail. 

Davis by Pam Allen

Davis knitting pattern

A classic Summer sweater - light and loose! The yarn is 100% organic linen spun in a ribbon structure. It's got a bit of texture to it so it looks great in a simple stockinette pattern like this. And the colours are such lovely muted shades,

Spring Lace Infinity Scarf by Linda from Purl Avenue

Such a pretty knit with a delicate lace pattern, this really is a showstopper! And it's a really wearable piece for people who love lace knitting but wouldn't wear a shetland triangle! And it's a freebie, who can resist?!

Lilac Love Lace Shawl by Derya from Laylock

In Summer, I never really knit anything heavier than dk yarn - it's the time of year where lace knitting and fine yarns really get their chance to shine. And this is a true classic lace knitting pattern. Perfect for Summer weddings and garden parties, this is an intricate, timeless wrap. 

Linum Tee by Bristol Ivy

Another lovely linen creation! This top in 4ply linen yarn will certainly be cool in warmer climates. I going through a real phase for textured knits at the moment, and absolutely adore the asymmetric, textured detailing round the neckline. Such a simple but striking top - love it!

Embruns by Emilie Luis

A real Summer wardrobe staple - it ticks so many boxes for me. A clean silhouette; simple, flattering design; clever detailing at the front. This is one that you knit once and wear forever!

Danzig by Justyna Lorkowska

I had to include this one! Such a fun knit - the rainbow stripes are such a joyful addition to a knitting pattern. While variegated yarns by themselves can be a bit much for me, when "diluted" like this with the grey solid colour, they add a splash of brightness that makes this a perfect summer knit.

A Crush on Lace by Lisa Richardson

Lace isn't just for shawls! This top with lace panels is an absolutely gorgeous way to show off your lace knitting skills. This really is something special, and shows that knitting isn't just about thick woolly jumpers!

Epsilon Cropped Cardigan by Littletheorem Knits

Ok, so this one's by me (a shameless plug!) but I'll explain why it's on the list: firstly, we don't have a really cropped cardigan yet and I think they're both cute and useful for when it's hot-but-not-that-hot. And secondly, I only had one skein of this beautiful blue sock yarn at the time, so I knitted the sample for this pattern in a size 28-30. This is just a tad too small for me, so it's definitely on the list to reknit in a larger size!

I really hope you enjoyed this list and that if you're a "cold-weather" knitter then it inspires you to start knitting in the warmer months too. Please let me know what you think in the comments, and let me know if you have any summer favourites that you would have added!


  1. The Linum Tee is definitely on my list. I just started with the Notched Hem Tank Top by Purl Soho. An easy knit - perfect summer project. And I finished Delineate by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. So many projects - so little time :-)

    1. Delineate is so cool! And I love the purl soho patterns, so many classic looks. Definitely not enough time!